open letter-1

Karur Kichu bolar chilo?

“Why is it that you think us to be so different? The answer hovers in my head and of course within some people just like me. You call us walking dead. You find it impossible to understand why we function in such a unique way, you clamor at our doors, and repeatedly question our strange dispositions. But friend, let me once again assure you that we are no different than you. It is only that we take a few more steps, each and every moment, to know our world, more than you. We feel your anguish, we shed tears with you in silence, and we rent out wounds on our bare skin every time you spend sleepless nights, struggling with impounding pain. It is very easy to follow our ways of looking at things; for, we still follow the old ways of the world. We are perhaps those remaining links with the ancient world, otherwise lost and forgotten. We simply refuse to grow up and grow old like you. Mingle with your roots and then sit with us… anywhere you feel like… a temple, a mosque, a church, in a crowded hospital corridor across which lies the labour room, or in an equally crowded burning ghat, at the deserted sea beach, or on the open country side… we are always ready to listen to you so-longed unsaid words. We will never force you; neither will we cling on to you. We come and go like the moving breeze, we want to breathe in life into to dying leaves…We were, we are and we will be there, always for you.”-
Karur bhabana
Karur lekhoni.