A part of the mainstream comedy of the early ‘90s spilling over into the late nineties Tu Tu mein mein become too popular to handle,so much so that it become a regular term,a jargon to describe all quarrels, be it among the family members or even the distinguished politicians of the nation. It had warring mother- in- law and daughter-in- law combination played by Reema and Supriya Pilgaonkar. The serial was directed by Sachin. Ritika Bhatia laughed while recalling one of the episodes of the serial,
“The mother-in-law acts as if she has fallen ill and tries to pester the daughter in law, but at the end she ends up realizing how much she actually loves her daughter-in-law…my mother-in-law and myself, we would always sit together and watch this show and later on had long, funny conversations about it. ”
Ever since the ending of Nukkad and Yeh jo zindegi hai, viewers had been craving for intelligent comedy on the small screen. What they got were dumb scripts and dumber performances. But what’s stood out among the mediocrity was Tu Tu Main Main, the longest running comedy on Indian TV.
That was the first saas bahu serial that was pristine in its ways of capturing the moments of generic bickering and the unique love-hate relationship.
The series had won awards for three consecutive years.


Flop show reminds one of the most hilarious credits “misdirected by Jaspal Bhatti.” Originally aired in 1989 on Doordarshan, the show stood out till date. Indeed, audience could relate to the issues that he would highlight using comedy as a medium. Nilanko Mullick, a 22 years old student remembered,” There was this episode on the harassment that professors guiding post-graduate research students. In this episode, Jaspal Bhatti plays the professor guiding a Ph.D student. He gets all his domestic chores done through his protege. Eventually, he agrees to pass his student's thesis with the intention of getting him married to his sister-in-law…until a few years ago I would think this to be so true that I thought I would not go for a PhD.” The sitcom was truly a satire on the socio-cultural problems faced by the common man in India at the time. Although only 10 episodes of the show were ever produced, the show has had a long and powerful legacy. Jaspal Bhatti himself played the main protagonist His wife Savita Bhatti produced the show and also acted in all the episodes as his wife. 

“Kokiji, kokiji aap bhi kuch kahiye na…”-Dilruba complained, and everyone watching the TV would roll in laughter…my siblings and me never missed a single episode…and we would never think bringing up a serious discussion about Dilruba being an effeminate married to a woman…these days these questions come up so fast…even children ask,” giggled 36years old, Madhumita Bose, a working housewife. She was referring to Srimaan Srimati, a popular sitcom that went on air on Doordarshan in 1989. It was written by Ashok Patole, directed by Rajan Waghdhare and produced by Gautam and Markand Adhikari (popularly referred to as the "Adhikari brothers"). It was built on the premise of “love thy neighbour’s wife”. Keshav Kulkarni (played by Jatin Kanakia) is married to Kokila (played by Reema Lagoo). Their neighbours are a popular film actress Prema Shalini (played by Archana Puran Singh) and her effeminate husband Dilruba (played by Rakesh Bedi). Keshav is attracted to Prema's glamorous looks and lifestyle, while Dilruba is attracted to Kokila who is a smart housewife. The two men would always find ways and means to catch the attention of each other’s wives. 

Circus (1989) a tele serial starring Shah Rukh Khan was a bit more experimental for it clubbed comedy with true emotions, romance with lost hope. The presently famous star was playing the role of the son of a circus owner who comes back from USA and is forced to take control of a failing circus. Renuka Sahane (otherwise popular as the Suraabhi- girl) played Shah Rukh’s lady love. Some of the interviewed audiences would say that the serial worked for their sweet chemistry, while others appreciated the show for its simpleton approach to life in a circus. It was directed by Aziz Mirza and had most of the actors from Nukkad, making it a huge audience puller all by itself.

A twitch in the eye and Prakash Jha would sent Mungerilal dreaming away once again. Mungerlilal Ke Haseen Sapney: (1990) was a popular Hindi TV comedy serial revolving around the life of Mungeri Lal. Raghuveer Yadav viz Mungerilal, a small time clerk was always getting bossed around by his wife at home and by his boss at office. To top that, his father in law rubbed salt on his wounds by exaggerating his own achievements as police inspector. The miserable protagonist overcame all this by day dreaming, where he took revenge on his boss, his father-in-law. To add spice to life he also dated his beautiful colleague. As he basked in the glory of his accomplishments, his wife would wake him up to ruin his dream. The serial was based on James Thurber's novel The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The acting on the part of the other cast was scintillating and “no wonder one could hear people talking about it all day long...” said Somir Mukherjee. It was a voice for the mellowed Indian middle class who was not very well represented anywhere... the ones who preferred to keep to themselves, but were always dissatisfied with life, and always dreaming to make it big... and slipping on the way.