a brother to me...

No tear will ever roll down my checks
No sigh will ever escape from my lips
No curse will ever block my way
For now I have you beside me…
A hand to hold me when I trip off my feet
A hug to tell me I am around
A tug in my hair to say
‘I am going to tease you’
A peck on my check
To put me to sleep
A shoulder to put my tired head on
I will not mind your dirty clothes
All over my bed
I will not mind your antics
Nor will I complain
-If you hide my things…
We will sing songs off tune
We will walk together for many miles,
A little fight
A foolish argument
Few moments to uneasy silence
Few tugs at each other
And we will make up again
How much does it cost?
To buy all these feelings
Not a coin of worth
Not a bet can buy
It is priceless
A brother to me…

(dedicated to my brother)